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Wal's De La Soul Mix

Wal's De La Soul Mix - FREE Download!

Been listening to the fantastic De La Soul for 25 years now - it was about time I put a mix together on them...Proper Hip-Hop.

I am I be
Da Bizness (VR Remix Instrumental)
Wasn't for you
Stakes is High (The Bear and teh Sun mix)
Thru ya city
Buddy (Native Tongue Decision Version)
Copa (abanga)
More than you know (Disco remix)
What the fuck #1
Brain Washed Follower
4 More
Ghetto Thang
Say no go (Bonus beats edit)
Say no go (Say no dope mix)
All Good (Breakbeat Junkie remix)
Doin' our own dang (with the JB's and ATCQ)
Keeping the faith (Pecoe edit)
Rock Co. Kane Flow

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