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Wal's Guru Mix

Wal's tribute to Guru-FREE Download!

Been listening to the fantastic Guru for years now since the days of Gang Starr and all through his Street Soul and Jazzmatazz series' - it was about time I put a tribute mix together - man, that voice and lyrical content are hard to beat...Proper Hip-Hop.

"Serious, these ain't just words that rhyme

They're infinite thoughts to be preserved in time

Whole new meanings to define what livin' is

Travelling the ways of the mind that is infinite"

RIP Keith Edward Elam (July 17, 1961 – April 19, 2010),

Gang Starr-nexct time
The Jazz time
Take a look (at yourself)
Gang Starr - Full clip (instrumental)
Gang Starr-Full clip
Hustlin' daze
Sights in the city
Same team, no games
For you
Cuz I'm jazzy
Living legend
Gang Starr - skills
no time to play
feel the music
look to the sun (solar)
Gang Starr-mass appeal
Gang Starr-Code of the streets
Defining purpose
Hip-Hop as a way of life

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